Application for a Temporary Limited Liquor Licence

Application for a temporary limited liquor licence

Liquor Control Reform Act 1998

A temporary limited licence may be granted to cover:
  • a one-off event such as a 21st birthday, wedding, trivia night, presentation night or ball
  • a booth at a sporting event
  • an extension of trading hours or licensed area for a one-off event that does not relate to a major event in the area
  • the supply of liquor at a market by a producer
  • a theatre production
  • internet sales, mail orders, wine drive, gift hampers.

You must be 18 years or over to hold a liquor licence in Victoria. A temporary licence can only be approved for a limited period of time.

The following limitations will generally apply when considering an application for a temporary limited licence:

  • a maximum of 6 one-off events at a venue over a 12-month period
  • a maximum of 3 event dates at a venue will be accepted per application
  • an application for a limited licence should be lodged at least 8 weeks before the event
  • lodging an application does not automatically mean that it will be approved. You should not advertise or promote any event before the application is determined and the licence granted.

If an event is likely to attract more than 5000 patrons and/or have a significant impact, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) may determine this event to be a Major Event. The VCGLR will take into account:

  • required amount of effort or oversight by authorised persons (i.e. Commissioner; VCGLR Inspector; member of the police force)
  • impact on provision and organisation of public transport and emergency services
  • impact on public safety or the amenity of the area or both.

For further information about the factors that are taken into account in determining whether an event is classified as a major event, refer to the Major event form. Major event licences cannot be applied for online.

About this Application

The VCGLR may request an applicant to provide further information before making a decision. If required to do so you will be notified by email (if no email address is provided, a letter with be sent to you). This may include:

  • further details of the event if insufficient information has been provided
  • an event management plan
  • evidence that bar staff have undertaken Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training.

A copy of your application may be given to Victoria Police and the relevant local council for comment before a determination is made by the VCGLR. Victoria Police or the local council have 30 days to provide comment from the day that they are provided a copy under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998.

In some cases, the VCGLR may require you to display a public notice at the premises to allow any person(s) the right to object to the grant of this application on the ground that it would detract from, or be detrimental to, the amenity of the area in which the premises is located. The objection period is 30 days from the notice being first displayed.

Liquor Licence Fees

Please ensure you pay the correct fee when lodging this application. For information about liquor licence application fees, please refer to our website.

There are characters limits in the fields below. If required, please send an email to with your additional information if you need to exceed this limit or if attaching additional material (please state your name and receipt number in the subject of the email).

Failure to provide a response to the following request for information may delay the processing of your application. * indicates it is a required field

1. Do you already hold a current Victorian liquor licence*
No. go to question 2 Get Licence Detail
Yes. Please provide your licence number

2. Applicant details
The applicant can be an individual, an organisation, a company, a club or a business partnership. The applicant is the proposed licensee.
Name of applicant:(if individual, please provide your First name and Surname *
Business name / Trading name (if applicable)
ABN/ACN number: (if applicable)

3. Contact details. Your details will be used if further information is required from you.
Contact name: *
Postal address: *
Suburb/Town: * Postcode: *
Telephone: * Fax:
Email: *

4. Venue details* - provide details of the venue (premises to be licensed) where the event will be held
* only one venue per application
Venue name: *
Address: *
Suburb/Town: * Postcode: *

5. Trading details for events:
  • name of the event
  • date(s) and time(s) for event (i.e. 7/12/2013, 7pm - 12 midnight)
  • nature of event (i.e. one-off event - 21st birthday)
  • maximum number of patrons attending (except for markets and internet trading).
Trading details for markets, theatre productions and internet trading:
  • start and finish dates (i.e. 7/11/2013 - 7/12/2013)
  • days of trade (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday)
  • trading hours(start and finish times - i.e. 7pm - 12 midnight).
Special Requirements:
  • Theatre productions - a temporary licence can be issued for a maximum of up to 6 weeks.
  • Markets - Applications can request up to 3 dates for their nominated market. Packaged liquor sales must be in unchilled, sealed containers.

6. Additional information required for events, markets and theatre productions - please answer each question:
  • how liquor will be supplied - glass, cans or plastic containers. For sporting events, all liquor must be supplied in opened cans and/or plastic containers and sales must cease no later than 30 minutes after the game finishes
  • whether the event will be held indoors or outdoors
  • for one off events held outdoors; extension of licensed areas; or if an outdoor area is proposed to be used (i.e. veranda area, courtyard) - please email a plan of the proposed licensed area to
  • for sporting events - please provide a detailed description of the location of the point/s of sale. Liquor can only be supplied from a point of sale at a sports game
  • type of entertainment activities at the event/s (if any)
  • proposed security arrangements made for the event, i.e. crowd management (if any). If you are proposing to use crowd controllers, you must ensure that crowd controllers, are to be employed at a ratio of 2 crowd controllers for the first 100 patrons and 1 crowd controller for each additional 100 patrons or part thereof
  • any additional information that may be relevant to your application.

7. Do you have permission to use the venue during the event/s?
No. Please note the VCGLR is unable to issue a temporary limited licence
where the applicant does not have the right to use the premises to be licensed


By filling and submitting this form, you agree that:

  • if an individual applicant, you are aged 18 years or over;
  • if a body corporate, you are authorised to lodge this application on behalf of the body corporate; and
  • the information in this application and any attachments are true and correct

Click below to submit and pay for your application. Please ensure you pay the correct fee when lodging this application. For information about liquor licence application fees, please refer to our website.

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